Politics = Bribery

Governance today amounts to a redistribution of wealth from common citizens to special interest groups and vote banks.

The Divine Bovine and a Lapdog’s Lapdogs

Let’s get the worst headline of the week over with. It’s got nothing to do with politics, and it’s go nothing to do with economics. It does have something to do with a ceiling fan, though.

The Binary Fallacy

The Binary Fallacy is the ingrained, mistaken notion that there are just two options in any given situation. It is a necessary tool to navigate this complex world — but it pollutes our politics and our character.

Flourishing Republic, Floundering Elite

I am skeptical that some grand ‘Idea of India’ made us or kept us what we are as a nation. As some of the participants in the Brainstorm debate pointed out, those alleged ideas of India animated mainly the elite. The elite is floundering today.

Where Are You Marching To?

It was just another evening in Heaven. Mohandas Gandhi was out on his evening walk again, which the residents affectionately referred to as ‘Dandi with a Danda.’ He had walked a few miles when he came across two men at the side of the road.

All Eyes on Buffalo Nation

If you are standing up at this moment in time, sit down. If you suffer from a heart ailment, stop reading. We begin The Filter today with sensational breaking news.

The Future of the Indian Republic

Welcome to Brainstorm, Pragati’s attempt to create a space where diverse minds can discuss big issues in a respectful way. Every month, we will gather together five thinkers (and one moderator) who will discuss one big subject in a thoughtful, unhurried manner.

Fire Up Those Neurons

We live in an age when political discourse has become personal, and is filled with people shouting past each other. Brainstorm is Pragati’s attempt to create a space where diverse minds can discuss big issues in a respectful way.

Life in the Simulation

Every Monday, in this section called The Filter, Pragati will provide a roundup of what we find to be the most interesting stories of the week. Trenchant commentary. Jaw-dropping feature stories. Perspectives and insights. And if you’re lucky, a limerick or two.

The Return of Pragati

When Pragati began in 2007, we bemoaned 60 years of socialist policies that had crippled our economy and held our people back from reaching their full potential. Today, despite sweeping political changes, the oppressive hand of big government has only grown.