‘C’ is for Cyber

Susan Landau’s Listening In is an encyclopaedia of cyber security, but misses out on the opportunity to set the stage for policy dialogue.

On Sale: Your Vote

Our data, taken without our consent, can be used for informational warfare that harms our democracy.

Empowerment and Fragility

Zeynep Tufecki’s book, Twitter and Tear Gas, is an insightful analysis of the impact of social media on protests and social movements in today’s radically networked societies.


In his new book, Cass Sunstein argues that the perfect filtering that platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide is a serious challenge to democratic deliberation and free expression.

Understanding Populism

For those who have been flummoxed with the question of what truly constitutes populism, how it originated, and the dangers it presents to democracy, there is help. A slim book titled What is Populism? by Jan-Werner Müller provides the answers.

Divert Funds From IITs to State Universities

The union government should divert budgetary support from established IITs & NITs to ailing state universities. IITs and NITs, in turn, must raise funding from alternate sources – alumni, foreign university collaboration, industry partnerships, increase in fees, etc.

Going Beyond Carrots and Sticks

In Payoff, Ariely sets about studying this complex nature of motivation. As is the case with all his other books, he does this through a series of interesting experiments where the participants are asked to perform simple tasks under different control conditions.