Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor is a two-time Congress MP and Chairman of the External Affairs Committee in Parliament. An award winning author of sixteen works of fiction and non-fiction, he is the author of India: From Midnight to the Millennium, a history of post-Independence India, and, most recently, An Era of Darkness, that tells the story of the British Raj in the subcontinent. He has been Under-Secretary-General at the United Nations and Minister of State for External Affairs and Human Resource Development in the Government of India.

The Nationalism of an Idea

The whole point of Indian pluralism is you can be many things and one thing: you can be a good Muslim, a good Keralite and a good Indian all at once. The Indian idea is the opposite of what Freudians call “the narcissism of minor differences”; in India, we celebrate the commonality of major differences.

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