Understanding Queer Activism

The world of activism is a competitive marketplace. How do the incentives of this marketplace affect the causes themselves? Naisargi Dave’s fascinating book gives us an inside view.

‘C’ is for Cyber

Susan Landau’s Listening In is an encyclopaedia of cyber security, but misses out on the opportunity to set the stage for policy dialogue.

The Godman and His Empire

‘Godman to Tycoon: The Untold Story of Baba Ramdev’ could become a key bulwark against the might of Ramdev’s spin.

The Millennial Dream

Snigdha Poonam’s evocatively written Dreamers: How Young Indians Are Changing Their World offers insights about the Indian milliennials you don’t see.

The Realpolitik of Shogun

Shogun by James Clavell is a gritty, unpredictable story about human frailty, and has fascinating insights into the world of realpolitik.

The Power of Numbers

Hans Rosling uses data to demolish many myths in his last book. As he writes, “The world cannot be understood without numbers, nor through numbers alone.”