That Old 70s Formula

Modi’s ‘development agenda’ has regressed from the far-sighted one of 2014 to the old populist tropes of past decades.

The Dark Queen of Narrative

Indira Gandhi’s reign exemplified the dichotomy between populist policies that get politicians elected and policies that actually work. She was the prototype for Narendra Modi.

Is Maternity Benefit Really A Benefit?

Small and big establishments will have to pay an employee half a year’s worth of salary when she is not available at work. While the big establishments will be able to manage this, the small ones won’t. Hence, the likely unseen impact of this is going to lead to managers not hiring women of child-bearing age.

A Billion Indians With Their Pants Off

India lacks the two essential legislative elements that are foundational to creating a secure digital infrastructure. It doesn’t have a Privacy Law and a Data Protection law. And it does have a government that argues that privacy is not a fundamental right.

The Return of Pragati

When Pragati began in 2007, we bemoaned 60 years of socialist policies that had crippled our economy and held our people back from reaching their full potential. Today, despite sweeping political changes, the oppressive hand of big government has only grown.

India and the World: Foreign Policy in the Age of Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy has been characterized by great energy, a desire to break the mold of the past and a penchant for risk-taking. Given the vigour he has imparted, foreign relations should have yielded more significant results. They haven’t.