Ep. 594: India: Continent or Subcontinent?

What makes a continent? Is it the tectonics of plates? Is it geographical boundaries? Is it population? Anirudh Kanisetti speaks to educator and history communicator Arjunan Ullas about the fascinating politics of the naming of continents, from the fictional lost continent of Kumari Kandam in the Indian Ocean to Russian claims that Europe is a subcontinent

Ep. 593: Vaccines and Intellectual Property

As the world continues its vaccination drive, countries like India and South Africa have been calling for an intellectual property waiver to make vaccine manufacturing easier. This has led to a heated discussion on the purpose of intellectual property rights and whether they serve as an incentive or roadblock in such times.
Rohan Seth talks about the issues involved here to Megha Guruprasad, an IPR lawyer and currently a student in the GCPP (Tech and Policy) program at Takshashila.

Ep. 591: In Google We Antitrust

Antitrust investigations and lawsuits against Google continue to gather steam around the world. In this episode, Rohan Seth and Prateek Waghre join Anupam Manur to discuss recent developments in France, Germany, and the US and Google’s dominance in online advertising markets.

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Ep. 590: DeSWIFTing Russia?

SWIFT is the primary electronic fund transfer mechanism for the international banking system. Some in IR academia circles see the prospects of Russia being cut off from SWIFT as a new proverbial financial iron curtain descending upon the world. Aditya Pareek joins Anupam Manur to discuss.

Ep. 589: Examining Nehru’s Approach to Tibet & China

The roots of the present tensions between India and China can be traced back to the years soon after the two emerged as modern nation-states. In this episode, Manoj Kewalramani speaks to AS Bhasin about his new book Nehru, Tibet and China to understand the challenges, limitations and failures of Indian diplomacy that led to the 1962 war.

Ep. 587: The Evolution of Indian Science

In the years after independence, a handful of extraordinary visionaries laid the foundations for Indian science in fields ranging from space exploration to chemistry and biology. Journalist Hari Pulakkat talks to Aditya Ramanathan and Aditya Pareek about his new book, Space. Life. Matter., which chronicles the work of India’s space pioneers.

Ep. 586: What Next for Facebook and India?

Whatsapp and Facebook have filed a petition against the Union Government challenging the traceability requirements in the Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code notified on February 25, 2021. Suchir Kalra and Atish Padhy join Prateek Waghre to discuss the possible outcomes and their consequences on the market.

Link to the document: https://takshashila.org.in/economic-implications-of-whatsapps-lawsuit-against-the-government-of-india/