States of Anarchy

A weekly podcast on global affairs and foreign policy hosted by Hamsini Hariharan. Out every Tuesday.

The War We Forgot

Dr Diya Gupta joins Hamsini Hariharan to discuss narratives of World War II told through the letters sent by Indian soldiers from the battlefronts.

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A Yam Between Two Boulders

This is episode 49 of States of Anarchy hosted by Hamsini Hariharan. Gaurab Thapa joins Hamsini Hariharan to discuss Nepal’s Foreign Policy. For questions or comments, reach out to the host on twitter @HamsiniH or on Instagram @statesofanarchy Read More: Essays in Nepal’s Foreign Affairs by Yedunath Kamal Nepal Word View by Madhu Raman Acharya Nepal: Strategy for Survival by Leo E Rose Foreign...

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