The Pragati Podcast

Weekly podcast hosted by Hamsini Hariharan and Pavan Srinath. Out every Thursday.

A Six-Trillion-Dollar Goal

What does the Indian economy look like, in 2018? Does India have the institutions to manage a $6 Trillion economy in a few years? How have we done on continuing to reform governance in the country?

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No More Big Brother

Should India always put its neighbourhood first? Was Nehru’s foreign policy idealist or realist? How should we think of external powers acting in the the Indian subcontinent? In Episode 33 of The Pragati Podcast, Constantino Xavier joins Hamsini Hariharan and Pavan Srinath to discuss how India should tackle its neighbours.

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Powerplays in the Indo-Pacific

We’ve heard of hard power, soft power and smart power, but what is this new sharp power? What are the major changes in the global order that we should watch out for? How can middle powers, that are neither here nor there, cope?

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Looking East on Republic Day

Why do we have ten guests of honour for the Republic Day Parade instead of one? How do domestic policy and politics affect India's foreign policy? How should India improve relations with countries in South-East Asia?

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The Supreme Court in Crisis

Why did four senior judges of the Supreme Court hold a press conference? Why are they complaining about the Chief Justice of India? Can we expect judicial reforms in 2018? Harish Narsappa of Daksh and Alok Prasanna Kumar of Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy talk to hosts Pavan Srinath and Hamsini Hariharan about the current judicial crisis.

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The Cholas: Conquerors of Oceans

The 26th episode of The Pragati Podcast goes back to one of the richest and easily overlooked dynasties in India: the Cholas. The hosts Pavan Srinath and Hamsini Hariharan are joined by Devi Yesodharan, author of the historical fiction novel, Empire.

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