Reforms 2.0

The Pragati wonks serve up reform suggestions in an easily digestible format.

Give Us This Day Our GST

Reform idea: Along with State and the Union governments, allow local governments to get a share of the Goods and Services Tax, linked to the performance of the local economy.

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Let Indian Cities Grow Tall

The consequence of severe building height restrictions is urban sprawl. They result in longer commutes and greater reliance on a car and private-vehicle based pattern of commuting. FSI restrictions also increase the cost of real estate, by restricting supply.

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Divert Funds From IITs to State Universities

The union government should divert budgetary support from established IITs & NITs to ailing state universities. IITs and NITs, in turn, must raise funding from alternate sources - alumni, foreign university collaboration, industry partnerships, increase in fees, etc.

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Abolish the MRP

In the absence of MRP, retailers will compete against each other to lower the prices at which they sell to the consumer. It will give the retailers the economic freedom to price their products according to their unique costs they face and larger consumer strategy.

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