Longer, deeper pieces that embrace nuance and go beyond immediate reactions.

The Case for Brevity

The Supreme Court should not–and need not–get into the question of what forms of sexual identity or orientation are 'natural' in order to find Section 377 IPC unconstitutional.

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What Enables Populism?

Those who rail against populism should realise that it is enabled by excessive state power. As long as the state has so much control over our lives, populists will keep emerging.

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Is Mining Doomed in India?

Mining in India is rife with vested interests and corruption. The Indian citizen is an ignored stakeholder. This exhaustive essay illustrates these problems through the stories of two plants.

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Casting Science Aside

The National Education Policy framed by this government shifted focus from 'free scientific enquiry' to 'Indian tradition'. The resulting patriotic righteousness can only harm our nation.

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