Closing the Women’s Data Gap

The word humanity contains the word ‘man.’ For the longest time, the history of humanity has been the history of man. This has led to the systems, models, technology, and design we see around us catering only to half of the world’s population. This impacts women’s participation in the workforce, their health, and their movement. Aarushi Kataria and Atish Padhy discuss Caroline Perez’s 2019 book, Invisible Women to understand the data bias and the urgency in bridging the existing gap as our world runs on data.

Books and articles mentioned in the episode:

  1. The Alignment Problem by Brian Christian
  2. The Transformative Constitution by Gautam Bhatia
  3. Desperately Seeking Shahrukh by Shrayana Bhattacharya
  4. How not to be wrong by Jordan Ellenberg
  5. Missing Females: COVID-19 Underreporting among Women Exposes a Persistent and Global Problem By Mahek Nankani

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