The Evolution and Influence of Kinetic Kill Vehicles

For decades, scientists and engineers have attempted to intercept incoming missiles through pure kinetic energy. While these efforts have never been fully successful, they have influenced international politics a great deal. In this episode, Aditya Ramanathan and Pranav R Satyanath talk about the evolution of Kinetic Kill Vehicles since the Cold War and how this technology has come to space today’s nuclear arms race.

Suggested readings:

  1. Mutually assured surveillance at risk: Anti-satellite weapons and cold war arms control by Aaron Bateman
  2. Keeping the Technological Edge: The Space Arms Race and Anglo-American Relations in the 1980s by Aaron Bateman
  3. Discussing Orbital Dangers: How States Negotiated in the UN’s OEWG on Reducing Space Threats by Pranav R Satyanath

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