The story of Article 370: Looking back and looking ahead

“Hamīñ Ast” is authored by Arghya Sengupta, Jinaly Dani (@jinalydani), Kevin James and Pranay Modi (@p1modi). The free e-book, written for the general reader, throws fresh light on the historical context in which Article 370 was introduced, negotiations over its content, its use to bring J&K closer to India, and finally, its nullification. Arghya Sengupta, Founder and Director of Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, walks Mihir Mahajan through Article 370 and the constitutional challenges the nullification action faces.

Suggested Readings:

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  4. A timeline of key events that shaped the unique identity of Kashmir within India” by Manavi Kapur
  5. Gautam Bhatia “The Article 370 Amendments: Key Legal Issues
  6. Faizan Mustafa “Article 370, Federalism and the Basic Structure of the Constitution
  7. http://www.navibooks.in/

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