Reimagining justice delivery in India ft. SAMA

Justice, one of the highest virtues of society, is riddled with myriad problems in our country. Equitable access to justice is a misnomer; filing a case in courts is both expensive and time-consuming. Not to forget, courts are heavily overburdened with a colossal list of pending cases. Do we have a solution? Yes, and it lies outside the courtroom.

In this episode, Ritul Gaur and Shrikrishna Upadhyay are joined by Pranjal Sinha and Akshetha Ashok, the Co-founders of SAMA, an ODR platform, about the evolving dispute resolution landscape, their conception of justice, and their work.

Links mentioned in the episode:

  1. SAMA.live
  2. Niti Aayog’s document – Designing the Future of Dispute Resolution

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