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IN-SPACe and Space Reforms in India

Space law expert Ranjana Kaul and space entrepreneur Narayan Prasad discuss space reforms and the recent Indian IN-SPACe announcement with host Pavan Srinath on Episode 144 of The Pragati Podcast.

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On June 24, 2020, the Cabinet of the Govt of India met to approve the setting up of IN-SPACe, the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre. This has been heralded as historic space reforms in India. Ranjana Kaul and Narayan Prasad discuss what we know about IN-SPACe so far, the role of the private sector in space, what space reforms are necessary for India.

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Dr. Ranjana Kaul is Partner in Dua Associates, a leading law firm in India. She specializes in the international law of outer space and related national policies and regulations applicable to space sector and downstream space technology business verticals. She is an affiliate of the International Institute of Space Law, Paris; Space & Satellite Professional International (India), and Women in Aviation International (India).

Dr. Narayan Prasad (@cosmosguru) is a co-founder at satsearch.co, a global marketplace for space supported and incubated by the European Space Agency. He is the host of the NewSpace India Podcast, and also serves as a Partner to SpacePark Kerala, a Government of Kerala initiative to develop a dedicated space activities hub in India.

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