Ep. 813: Why Curtis LeMay Matters

Gen. Curtis LeMay, one of the architects of allied victory in WWII, the Berlin Airlift and the post war US Strategic Air Command, is a figure larger than life. His contribution to techniques synonymous with strategic air campaigns and military operational art are perhaps the most significant developed in the 20th century. Aditya Pareek speaks to author Warren Kozak to explore the complex legacy and wartime actions of Gen. Curtis LeMay.

Warren Kozak is an author, biographer, journalist and a regular essayist on a wide variety of issues for publications like, The Wall Street Journal, The National Review and The New York Sun. He has also lectured at prominent military education institution in the US, the US Air Force Academy and West Point.

Link to Warren Kozak’s book – LeMay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay