Political Commitment in Policy Implementation

A form of Public Distribution System (PDS) has existed since before India’s implementation. The PDS, after independence, has been revamped into the Targeted PDS in 1997 and the National Food Security Act in 2013. Yet, implementation of the PDS varies widely across states. This can be attributed to political commitment which comprises political will, bureaucratic mobilisation, and engagement of civil society. Aarushi Kataria talks to Swarnashree Chakraborty about the role of political commitment in policy implementation and some ethical questions surrounding the PDS.

Suggested Readings:

  1. The Political Economy of Bureaucratic Overload by Devesh Kapur and Aditya Dasgupta
  2. Pandemic Poverty and Inequality by Surjit Bhalla et al.
  3. Political Commitment in India’s Social Policy Implementation by Deepta Chopra