Quad Summit and Future of the Indo-Pacific

On May 24, the fourth Quad Leaders’ Summit and the second in-person meeting were held in Tokyo. The joint declaration issued after the meeting by the leaders of Australia, India, Japan, and the US sought to renew the “steadfast commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific that is inclusive and resilient.” Building upon the in-person summit of September 2021 and virtual meeting of March 2022, the leaders of the four countries asserted that the “Quad is a force for good, committed to bringing tangible benefits to the region.” While China was not mentioned by name, much of the Quad’s agenda reflected the fact that it was the challenges emanating from China’s increased assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific that have put an increased emphasis on the grouping since 2017. Megha Pardhi talks to Shrey Khanna to discuss the recent Quad summit and the future of the Indo-Pacific.