Online Fantasy Sports are booming in India. But for how long?

Last week, reports emerged that the Union government has set up an inter-ministerial panel to regulate online gaming. This is a good thing. Online gaming is a popular emerging sector with great economic potential that has thus far been hamstrung by regulatory uncertainty.

In this episode, Aarushi Kataria and Atish Padhy talk about one specific sector within the broader online gaming industry: Online Fantasy Sports (OFS). They discuss the opportunities, challenges and the road ahead for OFS platforms.

The episode quotes from the following documents:

  1. Fantasy Sports: Creating a virtuous cycle of sports development
  2. Fantasy Sports Industry Has Got an IPL Boost but It Needs a Coherent Policy Going Forward
  3. Guiding principles for the uniform national-level regulation of online fantasy sports platforms in India – Niti Aayog draft

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