If We Can Keep It

On 26th January 1950, the Enlightenment—a historical process of intellectual development that evolved in Western Europe and the United States over centuries—was injected into the veins of Indian society in the form of a written statute. We are still dealing with the shock of that moment.


Laws should be constructed so as to leave as little as possible to the decision of those who judge. – Aristotle

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

As Pragati relaunches, editor Amit Varma gets together with founder Nitin Pai and frequent contributor Pavan Srinath in Episode 1 of The Pragati Podcast. They discuss the changes in the political landscape in the last 10 years. How has the political discourse changed? What are the challenges that lie ahead of us?

The Future of the Indian Republic

Welcome to Brainstorm, Pragati’s attempt to create a space where diverse minds can discuss big issues in a respectful way. Every month, we will gather together five thinkers (and one moderator) who will discuss one big subject in a thoughtful, unhurried manner.

A Billion Indians With Their Pants Off

India lacks the two essential legislative elements that are foundational to creating a secure digital infrastructure. It doesn’t have a Privacy Law and a Data Protection law. And it does have a government that argues that privacy is not a fundamental right.


If your answer to every failure of government is more government, you are like an alcoholic trying to drink yourself sober. – Will Spencer


Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. – Frédéric Bastiat

Fire Up Those Neurons

We live in an age when political discourse has become personal, and is filled with people shouting past each other. Brainstorm is Pragati’s attempt to create a space where diverse minds can discuss big issues in a respectful way.

Life in the Simulation

Every Monday, in this section called The Filter, Pragati will provide a roundup of what we find to be the most interesting stories of the week. Trenchant commentary. Jaw-dropping feature stories. Perspectives and insights. And if you’re lucky, a limerick or two.

The Growth of the Passion

We live in an age of post-truth, fueled by social media. This is unique to our times, right? Nuh-uh! It’s all been done, and to give you an eerie sense of deja vu, we present an excerpt from The Psychology of Jingoism by John Atkinson Hobson, published in 1901.

The Return of Pragati

When Pragati began in 2007, we bemoaned 60 years of socialist policies that had crippled our economy and held our people back from reaching their full potential. Today, despite sweeping political changes, the oppressive hand of big government has only grown.

The Sinister History of the ISI

Few external intelligence agencies are powerful enough to back governments of other nation-states. Fewer still have their own terrorist outfits. Hardly anyone can be credited with toppling their own governments. The ISI of Pakistan has done all three.

Going Beyond Carrots and Sticks

In Payoff, Ariely sets about studying this complex nature of motivation. As is the case with all his other books, he does this through a series of interesting experiments where the participants are asked to perform simple tasks under different control conditions.

India and the World: Foreign Policy in the Age of Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy has been characterized by great energy, a desire to break the mold of the past and a penchant for risk-taking. Given the vigour he has imparted, foreign relations should have yielded more significant results. They haven’t.

Abolish the MRP

In the absence of MRP, retailers will compete against each other to lower the prices at which they sell to the consumer. It will give the retailers the economic freedom to price their products according to their unique costs they face and larger consumer strategy.


There is no other justification for the king to exist than to protect in every way, the people. For protection is the first foundation of all social order. It is from the fear of danda that people do not consume each other: it is upon danda that all order is based. — Shantiparva, Mahabharatha