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Connectivity Raises All Boats

This is the Episode 82 of The Pragati Podcast hosted by Pavan Srinath.

Why is China investing in belts and roads, building infrastructure from the Balkans to Sri Lanka? Why is India building roads in Afghanistan or wants to build train lines connecting India’s Northeastern states with Myanmar and Thailand? Is this all because of grand geopolitical considerations, or is it mainly just economics that drives these ideas?

Ambassador Shivshankar Menon talks to guest host Pranay Kotasthane about connectivity on Episode 82 of The Pragati Podcast.

Ambassador Shivshankar Menon is the former National Security Advisor to Government of India, and India’s former Foreign Secretary before then. In his career as an IFS officer, he’s served as the Ambassador to China and Israel, and High Commissioner to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He is the author of Choices: Inside the Making of Indian Foreign Policy.

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