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Avinash Ambale joins Pavan Srinath to talk about how intelligent and capable of learning the latest of AI talks to Pavan Srinath about the scientific pursuit of economics on Episode 129 of The Pragati Podcast. 

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What is intelligence? How do we learn what we learn? How are we aware of the world around us and ourselves? It is impossible to think about building an artificial intelligence or getting machines to learn without exploring these questions.

Avinash Ambale joins host Pavan Srinath on Episode 130 of The Pragati Podcast to share fresh perspectives on intelligence and learning.

The Pragati Podcast is a weekly talk show on public policy, economics and international relations hosted by Pavan Srinath.

Dr Avinash Ambale did his doctoral work in computational neuroscience, and has since built three successful companies across continents. He returned to research on artificial intelligence 4 years ago and started Pervazive, a research lab on the math and science of AI. He splits his time between New York and Bangalore.

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