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Modeling the Spread of Epidemics

Srini Venkatramanan of the University of Virginia’s Biocomplexity Institute explains how the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 can be modeled, and how insightful models can inform public action, on Episode 133 of The Pragati Podcast. 

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How are infectious diseases and pandemics modeled? How can we model and estimate the spread of Influenza or Coronavirus Disease 2019? And most importantly, how can disease modeling help us design effective interventions that contain the spread of a pandemic like COVID-19?

Srini Venkatramanan of the Biocomplexity Institute at the University of Virginia joins us on Episode 133 of The Pragati Podcast.

The Pragati Podcast is a weekly talk show on public policy, economics and international relations hosted by Pavan Srinath.

Srini Venkatramanan is a research scientist at the Biocomplexity Institute, University of Virginia. Hailing from Chennai, Srini did his PhD at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. At the Biocomplexity Institute, he uses mathematical and computational models of human societies to study the spread of infectious diseases and ways to control them. You can reach on Twitter at @sriniv_venkat, and find his research on Google Scholar.

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