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A 21st Century Justice Platform for India

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Leah Verghese and Surya Prakash from Daksh India talk to host Pavan Srinath about how a 21st-century justice platform can transform access to justice for Indians, on Episode 141 of The Pragati Podcast.

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In 2020, it is impossible for migrant workers who have gone back to their home states to go to court over unpaid salaries and wages. It is impractical for a startup to file a civil case to recover pending payments from a large company. India is also an outlier country where in many states, there are more criminal cases than civil cases in district courts.

On Episode 141 of The Pragati Podcast, Leah and Surya discuss how torturous it is for people to seek legal remedies in India in 2020, how digitisation and ICT efforts have fared thus far. They then present how a truly modern justice system can be envisaged, where a legal recourse is accessible, inexpensive, faster, and better for all Indians.

Leah Verghese is Research Manager, and Surya Prakash BS is Fellow & Programme Director, at Daksh, a Bangalore-based not-for-profit organisation that works on judicial reform. Daksh recently published whitepaper series on developing a Next Generation Justice Platform, which imagines a new way of dispensing civil and criminal justice in India.

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