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Bringing Podcast Tech to the 2020s

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Why is podcasting technology stuck in the early 2000s, and how can the medium be modernised? Kartik Parija of Adori Labs joins host Pavan Srinath to both tell us and show us how.

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Episode 143 of The Pragati Podcast is a special, experimental episode that goes beyond regular audio. A request for all listeners: please try listening to the episode on the IVM Podcast App (ivm.today/android), the Adori iOS app (tinyurl.com/adoriapp), or on your desktop or mobile browser (here or at tinyurl.com/pragati143) to get a rich, interactive experience. Listening on your regular podcast app is still possible, and you can switch later too.

Disclaimer: Kartik Parija is the co-founder of Adori Labs, which powers IVM Podcasts and The Pragati Podcast. IVM is a customer of Adori Labs, and a part of Adori’s Early Access program.

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