Ep. 622: Tackling Mis/Disinformation on Vaccines

Only around 6% of Indians have been fully vaccinated. While there are supply-side constraints, demand-side bottlenecks such as vaccine hesitancy are a challenge. With a new virus variant hitting several countries, vaccine hesitancy in a vast country like India can reverse the gains made in the past few months. One of the factors that are driving vaccine hesitancy is incorrect information about the efficacy of vaccines and its side effects.

Kamesh Shekar and Apurva Kumar discuss how mis/disinformation leads to vaccine hesitancy and what steps can be taken to address the problem.Kamesh is a technology & policy researcher. He is currently pursuing his PGP in Public Policy at Takshashila Institution. His research interests are data protection, intermediary liability, issue of mis/disinformation on social media, AI in media, etc. You can read his work here- https://kameshsshekar.in/writing/

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