Ep. 638: Building India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem

Semiconductors are central to our global economy. However, the supply chains that make them are fragile and not easy to change. Despite this, India needs to build a sophisticated semiconductor sector of its own. Aditya Pareek speaks to Samparna Tripathi, Amol Sarin, and Anup Rajput to discuss India’s challenges and opportunities.

Samparna works as a Product Marketing Specialist by day & a Public Policy Analyst by night. She is pursuing PGP in Public Policy here at Takshashila and has chosen Strengthening Semiconductors Ecosystem in India – as her capstone project.

Amol runs his own capital equipment business Conteknik Enterprise. Ex- GCPP alumni from Takshashila, he has worked earlier with Cypress Semiconductor where he was exposed to the semicon industry and its importance.

Anup is a co-founder of Envir AI. He worked on semiconductor design at Texas Instruments and has experience in applied Machine Learning (from large city scale designs to battery-less micro electronics) 

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