Ep. 657: The Curious Case of the Havana Syndrome

The Havana Syndrome was recently back in the news when US Vice President Kamala Harris had to postpone her flight to Hanoi due to suspected cases. The illness first came to prominence when CIA officers and State Department officials in Havana first reported experiencing symptoms like nausea, excruciating headaches and potential brain damage in 2016-17. In this episode, Ruturaj Gowaikar and Priyal D’Almeida discuss the suspected causes and possible reasons behind this phenomenon.

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Suggested book: “Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic illness and the real story behind embassy mystery and hysteria” by Robert E. Bartholomew and Robert W. Baloh (Here: https://www.amazon.in/Havana-Syndrome-Psychogenic-Illness-Hysteria/dp/3030407454)