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Ep. 660: New Cities – More Jobs

India needs to generate more than 20 million jobs every year to provide opportunities to its working population. However, even before the pandemic, it only produced somewhere between a million and 4.3 million jobs a year. One way to generate more jobs could be to build new cities, which need people to build and run them. In this episode, Sridhar Krishna and Aarushi Kataria talk about the origin of cities, how cities help create new jobs, and how new cities can be created.

Suggested readings:

Research by Prof. Raj Chetty (Harvard University) on Mobility and Cities

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How to build a city from scratch: the handy step-by-step DIY guide

How the unfinished city of Lavasa became a nightmare for Indian banks

Book – The New Geography of Jobs by Enrico Moretti

Book – Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser

Podcast – Need Jobs? Build Cities.- Is Creating Additional State Capitals a Good Idea?

Podcast – India Works At Night

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