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Ep. 670: Emigration – Can India fill the World’s Vacancies?

Many developed countries in Europe and Asia have an ageing population and a shortage of skilled people to fill vacancies in the workforce. India has a very young population with over 18 million people reaching the age of 18 each year. Can we find ways to encourage and facilitate the emigration of a few million people each year from India to fill the world’s vacancies? Listen to Sridhar Krishna and Aarushi Kataria from Takshashila Institution talk about the history of human migration, and the benefits and challenges of migration, while exploring some ideas for encouraging emigration out of India.

Suggested Readings:

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Migrants for Export by Robyn Magalit Rodiguez

Migrant Rights at Works by Laurie Berg

Migrants and City-Making by Ayse Caglar and Nine Glick Schiller

The Lost Workforce

Migration and Mental health edited by Dinesh Bhugra and Susham Gupta

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