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Ep. 695: The EU’s Arctic Strategy and India

Last month, the European Union (EU) came out with a publication detailing its strategy for the Arctic. The focal points of the strategy are the implications of melting permafrost on geopolitical developments, biosecurity, digital connectivity, and a push for sustainable energy for the region. Ruturaj Gowaikar and Aditya Pareek discuss the strategy, its background and the opportunities it may contain for the EU to cooperate with India and Russia in the Arctic region.

Link to sources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Full text of the EU Arctic strategy document
  2. Aditya Pareek and Ruturaj Gowaikar’s Opinion piece in HT
  3. CSIS report on the impact of climate change on Russia’s Arctic ambitions
  4. CGTN/Xinhua article on losses to Russian infrastructure because of permafrost melting

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