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Ep. 704: Creating Safety Nets for Gig Workers

Gigs are not new. Hollywood made the transition to gigs from the studio system 70 years ago and the result is not all bad. While the movie industry today does not offer wage stability unlike the studios of the past, it does offer employment today to millions more and the quality of movies made is decidedly superior. Listen to Anupam Manur, Aarushi Kataria and Sridhar Krishna discuss the reasons for growth of the gig economy and ideas around providing a safety net to gig workers.

Reading List:

The Global Gig Economy by Mastercard.

Unlocking the Potential of the Gig Economy in India by Boston Consulting Group and Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

Emerging Employment Patterns of 21st Century India by Bhandari and Dubey.

Gig Economy: Prospects and Challenges by iLearn Cana.

California Threatens $1 Trillion Gig Economy with New Law by Heidi Curter.

Gigs are here to stay, it is time to give them benefits by Alex Rosenblat

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