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Ep. 712: Are Cities Still Relevant in the Metaverse Era?

Cities are where jobs are created and have been important to human progress. Can cities redesign themselves to remain relevant in the era of internet-based 3-D virtual environments, like metaverse? In this episode, Mihir Mahajan speaks to Aarushi Kataria and Sridhar Krishna to discuss the rise and decline of cities, and how cities were reinvented to stay relevant.

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2. Making sense of Bangalore by Glaeser

3. How Life in Cities Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic

4. Here’s how rising global risks will change our cities by Franco, Lukacs, and Muggah.

5. How the CoronavirusRecovery Is Changing Cities by Bloomberg CityLab

6. Has the Pandemic Changed Cities Forever? by Sablik

7. The Faltering Escalator of Urban Opportunity by Autor

8. Triumph of the City by Glaeser.

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