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Ep. 753: Mind the Policy Implementation Gap

Over the last 75 years of India’s independence, there has been no dearth of ideas and policies targeting progress. Yet policy progress is dependent on policy implementation. In this episode, Aarushi Kataria talks to Pranay Kotasthane about the gap that exists between policies on paper and what they actually achieve. They talk about the Right to Information Act 2005 and the 2020 Farm Bills in light of that discussion.

Reading List:

Policy failure and the policy-implementation gap: can policy support programs help? by Bob Hudson et al.

Solutions When the Solution is the Problem: Arraying the Disarray in Development by Lant Pritchett and Michael Woodcock

Capturing Institutional Change: Case of Right to Information Act in India by Himanshu Jha

The Nature of Policy Change and Implementation: A Review of Different Theoretical Approaches by Lucie Cerna

70 Policies That Shaped India by Gautam Chikermane

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