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Ep. 773: The War in Ukraine

After recognising the independence of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics in the breakaway part of Ukraine, Russia has now launched a special military operation.

With the fog of war and the lively use of the information domain, asymmetric and hybrid tactics the much weaker Ukrainian military is holding its own against the much superior Russian force.

Aditya Pareek and Pranav R. Satyanath discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the role of conventional forces, geoeconomics, nuclear threats, conflict diplomacy and the information domain in it.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Article in Times of India by Anupam Manur on DeSWIFTing Russia

Aditya Pareek’s view of the role of CBDCs in mitigating the impact of sanctions in Sputnik News

Megha Pardhi’s article in Deccan Herald about Russia-China cooperation in case of Russia being cut off from SWIFT

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