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Privacy for 21st Century India

This is a special release of Episode 54 of The Pragati Podcast hosted by Hamsini Hariharan and Pavan Srinath.

Did Pakistan get a privacy law before India? What’s a data protection law, and how is that different from a privacy law?

Rahul Matthan, author of Privacy 3.0, is a guest in this two-episode special on privacy and data protection on the Pragati podcast.

Your personal data has never been more valuable, and has never been at more risk. The Supreme Court upheld the Right to Privacy in 2018, and now the Justice Srikrishna Committee has submitted its report and shared a draft law on data protection for India.

In this episode, Rahul talks to hosts Hamsini and Pavan about his personal involvement in drafting a data protection law, and shares stories from the legal and legislative history of privacy in India.

In the previous episode, Rahul talked about how privacy is evolving, from hunter-gatherer societies to the age of paparazzis to the age of artificial intelligence.

You can check out Rahul’s new book Privacy 3.0: Unlocking Our Data-Driven Future on Amazon India.

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