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Myths About China

This is Episode 66 of The Pragati Podcast hosted by Hamsini Hariharan and Pavan Srinath.

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Most Indians know more about USA and Europe than our northern neighbour China. This two-part series on The Pragati Podcast will bust myths about China and the Chinese government.

China expert Manoj Kewalramani joins host Pavan Srinath in Episode 66 to dispel commonly held beliefs about the People’s Republic of China. Manoj is an Adjunct Fellow for China Studies at the Takshashila Institution, and has spent over 11 years as a journalist in China and India. Manoj also pens a weekly newsletter Eye on China available at Do you know of people who believe in any of these myths about China?

Myth #1: China is a country of One people, One language and One party.
Myth #2: China has a Communist government.
Myth #3: The government owns everything in China.
Myth #4: China has a strong, efficient & meritocratic government that moves in unison to reach goals they set out for themselves.

Listen to Manoj bust 4 more myths about China in the next episode of The Pragati Podcast, including: Does China have a grand strategy to take over the world?

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