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Afghanistan: A Republic in Peril

This is Episode 96 of The Pragati Podcast hosted by Pavan Srinath.

Afghanistan was all set to go to elections this summer, but Afghanistan, its State and its people are all in peril. The Taliban are now on the negotiating table with global powers, often without the presence of the legitimate government of Afghanistan. Anand Arni and Pranay Kotasthane share how Afghanistan has been faring over the past two decades on Episode 96 of the Pragati Podcast.

The Pragati Podcast is a weekly talkshow on public policy, economics and international relations, hosted by Pavan Srinath.

Anand Arni is a Distinguished Fellow and Advisor at the Takshashila Institution, and retired as Special Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. He served for over 37 years in the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), India’s external intelligence agency. He was a part of the hostage rescue team during the Flight IC814 hijacking crisis. Pranay Kotasthane is Fellow and Head of the Geostrategy Programme at the Takshashila Institution.

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