Ep. 805: Tech Alliances in the Indo-Pacific

Technology diplomacy has become a crucial strategic tool in the current Information Age. Priyal Lyncia D’almeida talks to Arjun Gargeyas on the possibility of curating tech alliances between the states of the Indo-Pacific to counter China’s dominance.

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  2. Taiwan’s lucrative chip industry faces threat from China, but India can play saviour

Ep. 766: Synthetic Content Generation and China’s Worries

What is AI-generated content and why is China worried about it? In today’s episode, Megha Pardhi, Suyash Desai, and Varad Vishwarupe discuss synthetic content generation using AI and the Chinese government’s recent draft to regulate such content.

Varad Vishwarupe is currently working as a Data Scientist(AWS) at Amazon’s Research division. He has over 22 international research papers and 4 international patents to his credit. The focus of his work lies in the confluence of deep learning, applied machine learning, human-computer interaction, and information retrieval.

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Ep. 740: Emerging Technologies from Chinese Point of View

The dual-use nature of emerging tech has blurred the line between civil and military applications of technology. How do the PLA researchers view the role of emerging tech in the military?

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Ep. 733: Why China’s Technical Standardisation Strategy Matters

The talks of China’s ‘2035 Standards Project’ have materialised in the form of a guideline document released by the Chinese government. Arjun Gargeyas talks to Megha Pardhi about the recently released National Standardisation Development Outline document and the key takeaways from the proposed technical standardisation strategy of China.

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1. Why China’s quest to dominate global tech standards may be elusive for Beijing

2. India Can Take Lessons From China’s Technical Standardisation Strategy

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Ep. 732: A Year – End Review of China Tech

2021 was an eventful year for the technology sector in China. Milestones were reached and regulations were increased. Arjun Gargeyas talks to Megha Pardhi on the progress China made in certain critical and emerging technologies along with some landmark decisions taken by the Chinese government for its tech sector.

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