Ep. 714: Regulating the Cyberspace and International Relations

Cyberspace has become an important part of the strategic picture internationally. Its impact as a facilitator for our everyday lives is undeniable. It is a disruptor in the civilian space and on the modern battlefield. A rare consensus may seemingly be emerging on the need to address and negotiate norms for cyberspace internationally.

Sapni G K and Aditya Pareek join Oleg Shakirov, a Senior Expert at Center for Advanced Governance and a Consultant at PIR Center to discuss norms in the regulation of social media platforms, the Metaverse and more on the cyberspace.

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Ep. 698: How Sports Shapes Diplomacy

Sports have been used to bolster diplomatic relations between states as well as to make political statements on the international stage. There is also extensive evidence of sports’ involvement in international politics and vice versa. Priyal Lyncia D’Almeida talks to Arjun Gargeyas on instances which have seen an intersection of sports, politics and diplomacy.

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God Save the WTO

Vineet Hegde joins Hamsini Hariharan to discuss the crisis in the dispute mechanisms of the World Trade Organization and what it means for international organizations.