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Ep. 739: First Step Towards a Global Pandemic Response Treaty

The World Health Assembly held a Special Session to kickstart a process to draft a global treaty geared towards pandemic management. Priyal and Ruturaj discuss the need, scope, and history of such international instruments. Listen to our episode on Digital Monitoring of Global Public Health Suggested readings: 1. How the world failed to curb COVID 2. Book: Emperor of All...

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Ep. 592: Battling Future Disease Waves

The COVID-19 pandemic in India has savagely illustrated the need to develop institutional wherewithal to prepare for future health crises. Lt Gen Prakash Menon discusses with Ameera Rao.
Check out Lt Gen Prakash Menon’s article in Deccan Herald –

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What Does it Take for a Mission Mode Health Response to COVID-19 in India?

Can India’s health and healthcare systems ramp up on mission mode to respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic? What should we know about India’s messy public and private healthcare systems before we think about a pandemic response? Listen to Yamini Aiyar’s conversation with Pavan Srinath on Episode 135 of The Pragati Podcast.  [iframe src=’; width=’100%’...

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