Ep. 752: Looking Ahead at a Quantum Future

The development of quantum technologies has increased exponentially in the last decade. Quantum now covers a wide area of applications from communications to computing. Arjun Gargeyas joins Siddharth Bannerjee, a senior policy advisor with the UK Civil Service, to discuss their upcoming document on the criticality of quantum tech and building India’s quantum ecosystem.


Arjun’s article in the Hindustan Times 

Arjun’s article in the South China Morning Post 

Ep. 719: The China Factor in the US – Australia Quantum Tech Agreement

The shadow of geopolitical competition with China looms large over the recent cooperation agreement on Quantum Science and Technology between Australia and the US. Megha Pardhi and Shrey Khanna discuss the Agreement, the role of China, and India’s initiatives to promote research in quantum technologies.

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