The Fraud of Indian Education

According to education scholar and activist Amit Chandra, education in India is a fraud committed on the people of this country by the state. He joins Amit Varma in episode 77 of The Seen and the Unseen to explain why.

Beijing’s Diplomatic Overdrive

A weekly bulletin offering news and analysis related to the Middle Kingdom. This week, China edges closer to the Arab world and Europe, while India stands to benefit from the trade war with the US.

The Case for Brevity

The Supreme Court should not–and need not–get into the question of what forms of sexual identity or orientation are 'natural' in order to find Section 377 IPC unconstitutional.

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Eminence Before Institution

Jio Institute. Eminence tags for only IITs Bombay and Delhi, not Chennai and Kanpur. Elections in Pakistan, after Nawaz Sharif failed to become the first ever Prime Minister to have served a full term in office.

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